Almost finished with my major but..

<p>i'm a criminal justice major atm and i have about 20 credits left till i graduate. i started off as a management major, but decided sophomore year that i wanted to be a cop. now,i dont want to do anything related to the criminal justice field and i want to go back to doing something management related such as IT or MIS.</p>

<p>i literally have about 2 semesters left (i could finish it in 1). if i switch to IT it will hopefully be another 3-4 semesters to finish. i'm not sure what to do. i've heard that people often dont go into their degree related career, but i dont see how that's even possible unless they're getting paid minimum wage.</p>

<p>no advice?</p>

<p>if i switch to IT i would need 27 credits to graduate instead of 20</p>

<p>If you have no desire to work in criminal justice, and want to work in IT, then do it! If the difference is only 7 credit hours it is likely that you could just take a slightly heavier course load and graduate at most one semester late.</p>

<p>You certainly don't need to accept minimum wage to move out of your field. A lot of times it happens through networking, or you move up in rank at a job and you end up in different departments or managing your department even if you didn't major in business/management. Also, a lot of students end up picking up different interests throughout college but don't change their majors for the same reasons you are providing, so they search for jobs that match their interests even if the job isn't directly related to their major. Depending on your field, you might have a very diverse set of skills and be qualified for more than just a position in your major area. Or some employers will pay for some or all of your schooling if you return to get a certification or advanced degree. </p>

<p>Anywho, I think if you are financially able to stick out an extra semester or two, then do what you think you'd enjoy as a potential career. You may be able to increase your workload or take summer courses to decrease the amount of extra time you are in school.</p>

<p>Agreed. IF you want IT do IT!! Check the academic schedule.. speak with an adviser. Some classes may only be Fall/Spring so you may not be able to take them this Spring and next Fall unless they are offered every term. </p>

<p>Otherwise, double major.</p>

<p>Spoke to an advisor and it turns out I needed a lot more than 27 hours. I decided I'm going to finish up the degree and do a 2 year graduate program instead.</p>

<p>criminal justice is kind of a terrible major</p>

<p>lol, it really is.</p>

<p>Some anecdotal evidence here but it is necessary stemming from the fact that you provided nothing but a hasty generalization, I know someone who majored in Criminal Justice and makes a 6 digit salary. To continue this chain of hasty generalizations, I would refute and say that majoring in English or French is "kind of a terrible major."</p>

<p>@ Hella</p>

<p>It's hard to take you seriously when you post stuff such as "i've been playing so much music and smoking so much weed. at times i do feel bored but at other times i'm really glad i have so much time to myself."</p>

<p>it's hard to take you seriously when you judge someone based on what they like to do for fun. lol.
so you know one person. look at the schools that offer the major, its relative marketability in the job market, and its curriculum. you're making more of a generalization than we are, just so you know. maybe google around a little bit if you're not convinced by then.
oh, and i've smoked weed off and on since high school. i graduated with a 4.25 weighted. yeah, i smoked too much freshman year of college and messed up a little bit, but i got it under control the very next year and even having smoked every day, i pulled a 3.9 gpa spring '11 and a 4.0 fall '11. did you find that out when searching my posts? lol.
oh wait, are you hastily generalizing what kind of person i am based on the fact that i like to smoke weed? again, lol. it's all about moderation. hopefully you've learned something
oh and for what it's worth, i think CJ is much more terrible than English or French.</p>

<p>oh forgot to address the OP,
i think it depends on how likely you are to get into the graduate program. if you're very likely to get in with the bachelor's in CJ then you should just finish and do that. if it's iffy, you should do what most of the thread said you should do and switch if you can afford to.</p>