Alo- ????

<p>Hi, im new and I was wondering where I can find an ALO around where I live??</p>

<p>I was also wondering if I have a good chance of getting into the academy??</p>

<p>Im a junoir
my unweighted GPA is 3.71 with 7 classes instead of the standard 6
I do not have any AP classes but I am kinda a year ahead of everyone like in sicence and math.( in senior classes)</p>

<p>Im in JROTC and hold and Officer position of 2nd LT. and in charge of a Platoon.</p>

<p>I am going to be and eagle scout this year and also getting my pilots licence .</p>

<p>Im varsity Cross Country and Track.</p>

<p>I have a bunch of Service hours </p>

<p>what do you think</p>


<p>Looks good, did you apply to the Summer Seminar?</p>

<p>Ask your guidance counselor about contancting your ALO. If they do not know, ask someone in JROTC or contact the admissions dept. at the academy. They have numbers listed at</p>

<p>Yes im going to tomarow</p>

<p>We keep getting questions about contacting ALO's. Academy admissions is the very best source for finding how to contact your ALO. Sadly, some ALO's will not return your calls or e-mails unless you are on their priority list. While most ALO's are dedicated and well-informed, the academy admissions counselors are the best informed in almost every way. Even they won't always return your calls, so hang in there and keep knocking on their door. Some on this forum have had wonderful stories about how their admissions counselor would give them up-to-date information about where their file was and exactly when it would come up for a decision. That sort of contact is truly golden. Don't be shy about calling academy admissions. They know and sympathize with the stress every applicant is under.</p>

<p>Almost_nick. You didn't include your SAT/ACT scores. We're not nosey, but you ought to plan on having SAT's in the upper 600's or better. People do get in with lower than that, but you want to be above the mean - not below it.</p>

<p>thanks guys</p>