Alone for move-in day

<p>So move-in day is next wednesday and I'm kind of excited (mostly I am about most things)
well I just found out that my mom has to work so I'll basically be doing it alone.
HOWEVER, she did suggest that I go up there, check in and get my keys and stuff, then come back home (we live 15 minutes away) and just wait for her to get home so that she can come with me and unpack later in the evening.
sounds like a good plan, but I was thinking about the week of welcome starting that day and just in general that I could be spending that time making new friends instead of waiting for her at our house. Then again...I really don't want to be there unloading stuff by myself and then watching all the other people with their parents and stuff.
So i just want to get other opinions on this. I mean, they're not really doing as much WOW activities on wednesday anyway...but I don't want my roommates (I live in Holly) to start bonding without ME! lol

<p>Maybe check in at your USF dorm, get your keys, put a few things in your room or just make your bed, and then hang out the rest of the day in the dorm or around campus or if your new roommate is there, help her move in. Later when your mom is back home from work, run back home and get her to help move in your heavy stuff and enjoy the full move in experience with her.</p>