Already accepted, curios about senior year grades

So I did pretty well up until this year (got a cumulative 3.98), but I’m struggling in one of my classes as my teacher isn’t teaching particularly well with online schooling, and the online format in general has sapped much of my motivation.

Anyways, I’m expecting to close out this semester with all As and potentially one C, I am curios how much I should stress about getting that C up.

I have already gotten into every engineering school I’ve wanted to (top choices being UMD, Penn State, and University of Arizona)

So how much should I worry about getting that C up to something higher?

What conditions do your admission offers say?

If they say something specific about grades or GPA, just make sure that you fulfill them. If they say something vague about keeping up your academic performance, it is unlikely that one C grade with the rest A grades will result in rescission.

Where the danger lies is if you earn any D or F grades, or your GPA drops by a lot.

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I wouldn’t worry one bit about a C at those schools but you should communicate with your teacher and work with them to improve or figure out what they expect for you to get a B or better. Just don’t get arrested, post something stupid on social media, or get caught cheating and you will be fine.

UMD has not released any decisions yet.


yeah lol. I’m waiting for my early action decision so i’m very curious as to how @BaronVonBlimp has recieved a UMD decision…