Already accepted to a UC Irvine ELC

Just wondering who has already been accepted to UC Irvine throught the ELC program.

For California residents the ELC is a pretty huge thing to have. I got my letter in yester day that I am in at Irvine, I will apply there but as my safety. Chekc this site that I found. It shows the percentages of admission to each UC for people withthe ELC

Davis is 98%
Berk 61%
LA 50%
SAN Dieg 89%

pretty cool to see

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<p>I got mines last week, I thought I was the only one that got it from the people I knew. Congradulations. I was thinking of using it as a safety, but I don't like UCI. I would have been happier if UCSB would have given it to me.</p>

<p>cool, hey, me too...what will be ur major airforce1?</p>

<p>Hey, I have a question, I want to know if this is bogus are not.</p>

<p>I didn't get ELC but UC Irvine sent me a letter last week saying that because of my high SAT I scores (WTF? I only got 660v 630m), that I should apply to UC Irvine and joing their campuswide honors program. Does this mean anything in regard to acceptance? (Actually, UC Irvine is like the only UC I'm NOT applying to but I was just wondering as to what the significance of this letter means...)</p>

<p>I'm thinking UCI is trying to attract a lot of students to apply. Because being ELC I would think UCR or UCM would say that I'm admitted if I apply.
Perhaps your SAT score meetes the minimum to qualify for the honors program and they wanted to attract you into apply.</p>

<p>wow i didnt know the ELC can do so much for you. I thought it was just some useless thing that proved that you could get into a UC (which like everyone could)</p>

<p>ya it helps you out a lot. </p>

<p>I will be majoring in Aerospace Engineering.</p>

<p>I will also be doing AFROTC in college. I think I will end up at Davis. I can get into UCLA and UC San Diego but they dont have the a college town feel too them. I'll apply to Stanford, but then even if i get in i dont know if it would be the best college since i would have to go comute to san jose a couple times a week for AFROTC, and I wouldn't get credit for taking the AFROTC classes where I would get credit at a UC. After undergrad at Davis I would like to get my MBA at Stanford.<br>
Well thats the route I;ll be taking. </p>

<p>What majors, colleges, and life plans are everyone else thinking of.</p>

<p>im definitley gonna be doing Economics or Business Administration (if they have it). My first choices are Stanford -EA, Yale, Princeton, Penn(Wharton), Columbia, Berkeley (if i get regents), Harvard,MIT, Berkeley (no regents), UCLA (regents or not), UCSD, UCD. After getting my undergrad from hopefully Stanford, Yale, P-ton or Wharton, I will work for 4-5 years for an ibanking firm (hopefully Lazard, JP Morgan, ML, CSFB, or Salomon Smith Barney... in that order of preference) then go and get my MBA from either Stanford, Harvard or Wharton (preferably Stanford). Then i will go on and once i have made enough money, i will start my own charity or foundation and build schools in rural parts of Asia and Africa. Then i will die when im about 75-80 after having built more than 5000 schools in the world.</p>

<p>I got my letter from Irvine on Saturday, I plan on applying to Columbia, Dartmouth, Amherst, Williams, Berkeley, Davis, and UCLA, I want to go pre-med-majoring in bio. Hopefully I'll get into a good medical school and become a successful surgeon.</p>

<p>Just got into UC Santa Barbra </p>

<p>I wonder how many others will send gurantted admissions to me</p>

<p>berkley, UCLA, Davis, UCSD are welcome to send me a letter</p>

<p>anyone lse get the letter form UCSB
did anyone get a letter from any other UC's</p>

<p>i got the same letter, awakendream.. i was wondering the same thing because i have the same stats as you</p>


<p>any one get the letter of acceptance from any of the uc's </p>

<p>and what UC's will send them?</p>

<p>wait, how come I didn't have ELC letter? If it's based on GPA, i think i'm definitely in the top 4%..
in 10th grade i have 4 honors
in 11th grade i have 3 AP classes out of a schedule of 5 classes total. and i have straight A since 10 th grade....
Im kinda disappointed not receiving ELC....:(</p>

<p>Uh-oh I'm worried...I got an ELC letter in the mail a looooong time ago and I've started my application online...but how can you already have acceptance letters since the application period hasn't even begun yet? Did I miss something? I didn't get any letters saying I've been accepted to a specific UC...<em>runs into a corner and cries</em></p>

<p>Got my Irvine letter on Saturday. It's nice knowing that it's official that I'm going to college somewhere, even if Irvine is my last choice. :)</p>