Already got into Purdue, don't know about others

<p>Yeah, well this is another "Can I make it or not" thread.</p>

<p>I've currently got a GPA of 3.891. My SAT score is 1330 (570v, 760m) and ACT score is 30. I live in Northern Virginia.</p>

<p>My activities are: Superintendent's Student Advisory Committee delegate, Vice President of History Honor Society, Fmr. Secretary of Science Honor Society, Marching Band (Librarian and Section Leader), "It's Academic" (TV Quiz Show in Washington D.C. area).</p>

<p>Last yr I took AP U.S. History (got 5 on exam) and AP Eng. Lang. (got 3). This yr, I'm in AP Physics B, AP Biology, AP Comparative Gov't, and AP Calculus BC.</p>

<p>I'm applying to engineering at the following schools:</p>

<p>University of Virginia
Virginia Tech
Univ. of Southern California
Purdue University
Rose-Hulman Institute of Tech.
University of Chicago (They don't have engineering, but their physics major is close)</p>

<p>Since Purdue is on rolling admissions, I've already received an acceptance letter from them. I have applied non-binding early action to Chicago. I'm literally assuming that VT will accept me (I mean I've seen people from my school with worse performance than me make it there). My school did nominate me as their candidate for UVA's Jefferson Scholarship. Do you think that will increase my chances of acceptance to UVA?</p>

<p>Thanks for looking.</p>

<p>b u m p ...</p>

<p>how long did it take for Purdue to respond? You have a good chance at UVA, VT for sure, don't know enough about the others.</p>

<p>Purdue took about three weeks. I was surprised, since they say it takes a month for engineering decisions to be made.</p>

<p>Man, it's a shame you couldn't retake the SATs to bump that verbal to the 630-650'd have a great shot at UVa and other top schools. As it stands, you're in at Rose-Hulman, VaTech, and probably USC.</p>

<p>nominee for jefferson scholar will probably help, although i doubt you will get it. They typically look for well rounded, and you are very math oriented, like me =)</p>

<p>Jefferson nominee from my school is valedictorian, 1460sat...</p>

<p>Yeah, I kinda knew from the start that I wouldn't get the UVa Jefferson Scholarship.</p>

<p>They only pick 30 recipients out of 900 nominations!</p>

<p>University of Virginia-in
Virginia Tech-in
Univ. of Southern California-50% chance
Purdue University-in
Rose-Hulman Institute of Tech.-in
University of Chicago-10% chance</p>

<p>They don't KNOW hun, NOBODY knows!!!</p>


<p>Is that weighted or unweighted GPA?</p>

<p>It's a weighted GPA.
Unweigted would be maybe 3.85, my school doesn't put unweigted GPA on the transcript.</p>

<p>I've got a new question. Are there any other reach/match schools that people can suggest for me to try?</p>

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<p>University of Virginia - reach (because you're from NOVA)
Virginia Tech - in
Univ. of Southern California - reach
Rose-Hulman Institute of Tech. - in
University of Chicago - big reach</p>

<p>Please no more bumps people will reply if they want to.</p>

<p>yeah, i was expecting someone to mention that it would be harder to get into UVA just because of my geographic location...</p>

<p>...Any more opinions? Please</p>