Alrighty boys, how screwed am I based on my high school.

HS GPA: Somewhere between 2.7 and 3.0 no damn idea.
College GPA: 4.0
ACT: 35
EC: Army ROTC Lumberjack Battalion, NAU Young Democrats, Interned with the Coconino County Democratic Party and a local congressional candidate, Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society, Amnesty International-Flagstaff, several other political clubs.
Recommendations:3 strong ones from political professors.

I know that my HS sucks really really bad, but my dream is Georgetown. Everyone says that High School doesn’t matter if you’re transferring into your junior year, how true is that for high caliber schools like these. Be honest as heck. Tell me whether my chance is a coin toss, already done or not a chance in hell.

George Washington University
Notre Dame

Love you all, hoping for swift responses.

I think you are pretty solid, as long as the schools do not ask for detailed high school record…which most of them don’t. And if they do, they will see an upwards trend which works in your favor. I would say it is more like a coin toss.

Pretty much every college on that list asks for HS transcripts sadly, but what do you mean by detailed HS record?