Alternate Entry SAT Score


I submitted an SAT score for Alternate Entry into the National Merit competition. I scored a 1540, with a 38.5 in Math, 39 in Reading, and a 38 in English (selection index = 231).

This September, I was notified that I was selected as a NMS Semifinalist, and I need to submit an SAT score to be considered for Finalist status. Apparently, the NMSC can use my SAT score that I already sent them.

I also have an SAT score from an administration that was after I submitted my first score for consideration. I scored a 1570, with a 39.5 in Math, 39 in Reading, and 39 in Writing (selection index = 235).

Should I bother submitting this new SAT score? How much do SAT scores impact finalist standing?

Many thanks,

The SAT score is used solely for confirming the entry, and is not needed for AE, as you were told. The instructions you received explicitly say:

The scores you submit will only be used to determine whether you meet Requirement #7 (page 1) for Finalist standing and will not be used in the selection of award recipients.

There’s no value in sending another score.

(fwiw, your SI for both tests is 228. That’s the highest it can be, as each section is capped at 38.)

I must’ve missed that! Thanks for the confirmation.