Alternate for Levine Scholarship

My daughter was chosen as an alternate for Levine Scholarship. Does anyone know how many students turn it down and how many alternates are chosen?

My son is an alternate, too, but I have no additional info. Have you learned anything?

I have not. The assistant director was vague.

my daugher is a junior currently. We are considering applying for this scholarship next year. Just wondering if anyone would be willing to share stats (i.e. gpa (weighted/unweighted), sat/act score). I saw the academic profile for the scholars online but just wondering if that was close to what you all applied with.

Not sure if you’ll see this but I’m curious if your student got in as an alternate. My daughter is an alternate this year but unsure if any alternates get in

Our son got the alternate status message as well, so we were wondering the same thing. We wonder how many alternates there are and if there is a chance. He was very excited about all the virtual information sessions he attended and was super enthused about the Levine opportunities, but if it is not likely to happen, he will focus on scholarship opportunities for State, as that is where he will likely attend. Any insight on the alternate situation would be wonderful. We did not even know being an alternate was a possibility–thought it was going to be a yes or no.
Thanks so much.

Same, though it makes sense as several of the same faces have been in other scholarship interviews but can only pick 1. Im curious how many alternates there are though. Or if any ever get picked