alternative housing

<p>I will be attending the fall extension program for freshman and recently received an e-mail that there was no more space in university dorms. I applied to the co-ops, but now they too have a long waiting list. Does anyone have any info on private dorms like the telegraph commons? Any other suggestions that are affordable?</p>

<p>you can check out craigslist for apartments. i've seen some that are close to school (about a block or two towards unit 3 from crossroads, so that's pretty darn close) and about 600/month rent. i think this works out to be cheaper than the dorms even after paying electricity/gas/etc bills</p>

<p>Also, check out Cal Rentals. I found my place through there.</p>

<p>yes, apartments are generally cheaper, but if you can afford it, i would still recommend living in some sort of least for your first year. i've found that a lot of freshmen who live on their own in their first year miss out on the more "traditional" college first year experience of meeting many new people because they live in such close proximity with one another. and a lot of my friends who lived in an apartment in their first year spent a lot of time in the residence halls anyway, so you might as well live you know what i mean? hopefully, you attended the CalSO for extension students because they distributed a handout that listed all the private dorms and their contact info including Westminster House, Tau House, and Telegraph Commons. if you don't have that, hopefully you have a friend who did and can give you that info. and if you don't have that, then i'll try to post all of that on here when i get it.</p>

<p>Thanks for the help. I'm leaning towards staying in one of the private dorms or coops from the list the housing department sent along with their e-mail notifying me of their fullness. I'm hoping a get a spot in a co-op, although I'm afraid that my parents will not let me stay there if the stuff i've read about them on other posts is true. Hopefully the drugs aren't broken out until after welcome week when they go back home. But anyways, does anyone know what the social life at telegraph commons is like? And how does one obtain the necessary membership for the Tau house? Also, as a liberal and someone looking for a traditional college experience, i'm worried about applying to the Westminster House since it is advertised as a place to fulfill Christian ideals. Does anyone know if there are conflicts with this? </p>


<p>anyone out there who's still having problems with housing? what are you doing? i dont know what to do. so many places are full!</p>

<p>hey...yeah well we dont exactly have a choice whether or not we want to live in a dorm or not. I'm having problems with housing. I know a bunch of people are living in Telegraph Commons and some in Tau House. Tau house is really nice and clean but as expensive as a dorm. Comes with food but I heard the food sucks.</p>

<p>Telegraph commons is kind of ghetto. But its liveable for a semester and its sooooooooooooo cheap. If I can't get housing in the spring, I'm probably going to move to a nicer place come spring.</p>