alternative idea: actual college courses this summer

<p>at the U of MN, high schoolers are free to take any summer course for which they have the prereq's. i took a placement test and, since i like spanish, i'm going to take a 5-credit 1004 course there this summer. for in-state students it's about 300 bucks a credit and you get all the normal perks of being a normal college student--libraries, workout centers, student groups, etc.</p>

<p>i'm sure that other state U's around the country have similar summer sessions. if you did some research you could probably find one in your area and then, hey, maybe you can even go on to use those credits. :)</p>

<p>plus, the price of a credit is always rising, so starting to get a few this year could save a few bucks later on.</p>

<p>yupp! im doing the same it UIC..except mine is Statistics..and i may/maynot get credit for it...oh least its something?</p>

<p>not all colleges accept credit like that!</p>

<p>if you take a regular course at a regular state U, the credits will transfer to the vast majority of colleges.</p>

<p>Some schools say they'll only grant credit if the course corresponds to a course they offer. Almost any intro/first-year course will have an equivalent though.</p>