Alternatives to Wharton?

<p>Hi, im looking to pursue an undergraduate business degree, and Wharton would definitely be my top choice. I'm not sure if I'll get in though, and I was wondering what other schools you guys applied to/would recommend as safety schools? Preferably a university with an econs major but with business options as well...
I kinda liked Stern at NYU, but are there any others you could recommend?</p>

<p>Tepper, sloan and haas</p>

<p>although frankly, nothing even comes close to Wharton undergrad.</p>

<p>nothing really comes close to Wharton but the following will give you something to work with:</p>

McDonough (Georgetown --ignore the rankings and look at the recruitment)

<p>I'd advise against Haas because you're on the wrong coast for business aspirations.</p>

<p>Kelley School of Business could be a safety.</p>

<p>Stern, Ross, McIntire, Mendoza, Sloan, Haas</p>