Alum interview - just now?

<p>S received an email this morning for an alum interview. Isn't this really too late in the process?</p>

<p>I also found it interesting that part of the information the interviewer receives from Duke is the student's ethnicity.</p>

<p>Alumni have until February 15 to complete interviews. So, it's certainly very last minute, but isn't too late to be counted. Perhaps ethnicity is given so alumni can more easily identify the student since meetings are often in public places like coffee shops, etc. Academic interest(s) as well as contact info and high school attended is the only other information given to the interviewer.</p>

<p>Well the interview is scheduled for the 20th. Hmm.</p>

<p>Perhaps an extension has been filled. It's allowed in certain circumstances, but typically they're due Feb 15. Is your son a legacy or some other kind of preferred applicant? They try to offer as many of these applicants interviews as possible. Or perhaps the alumnus was simply slow and asked for more time, which was granted.</p>

<p>I don't know. The alum contacted S only yesterday, so there was no obvious delay and absolutely none on S's part.</p>

<p>S is not a legacy, nor URM, nor super hero. He is your seemingly well qualified candidate. </p>

<p>I suppose nothing to worry about and just S needs to do his part :-).</p>


<p>The alum may have only contacted your S yesterday but perhaps the assignment was made a while ago and he/she just didn't get around to it and had to file an extension.</p>