Alumni Affiliation

<p>Does anybody know if having a sibling currently attending Boston College is an advantage for a second sibling applying RD for the class of 2010? Is there any degree of preference in the admission process given to the second sibling, even if she is not quite as strong an applicant as her older brother was? Thank you.</p>

<li>sorry, class of 2014 (graduating high school 2010)</li>

<p>Any siblings that you may have who are currently attending the university do not count as alumni.</p>

<p>And... Class of 2010? Don't you mean 2014?</p>

<p>Dear sunny7 : I can personally confirm that there is no special consideration given in admissions to a second child in the application process while the first child is still attending. The second child is evaluated completely based on his/her own merits. (Although you did not ask the second part, I can also confirm that Boston College does not provide any type of 2-for-1 discounts for both attending outside of the standard financial aid calculations.)</p>

<p>Thanks scottj, I was hoping you would reply. You have been an enormous help to my family, and from what I have seen from your posts, probably many others as well.</p>

<p>Best wishes,