Alumni disagrees with the ending of Early Decision

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<p>Princeton has changed tremendously in the years since this alumna is describing, when there was far more emphasis on certain kinds of social exclusivity. Unlike Yale (which is really remarkably similar to Harvard aside from the fact that Cambridge is more appealing than New Haven to most people), Princeton offers some clear contrasts to Harvard in the beauty and serenity of its campus and the undergrad life that is the focus without competition from professional schools. I think if Princeton does a good job marketing what makes it unique, then it will have absolutely no trouble attracting the kind of students it seeks. There are far more excellent students than HYP can admit. </p>

<p>I do think Princeton needs to take another look at its grade deflation policy, given I already know one excellent student who found Princeton very appealing but was open about being afraid to apply, thinking the policy sounded high-schoolish and sadistic. That student is now at Harvard.</p>

<p>I don't think there is that much to worry about. There are plenty of good students to go around, and Harvard won't be able take many more of them than it has previosly.</p>

<p>Princeton's generous financial aid will guarantee that it will win its share of cross-admit battles with other elites to which applicants have also applied RD.</p>

<p>Money will be a key factor in the years ahead, as a higher fraction of potential matriculants need financial aid and compare offers from schools to which they have gained admission.</p>

<p>The true free-market competition is beginning.</p>

<p>Finally we will see math scholars, Intel winners and other worthies recruited as heavily as halfbacks and tight ends - with "need-based" aid flowing freely!</p>

<p>Princeton like all the other elite schools boast its share of Intel winners, math geniuses and scholar athletes.</p>

<p>i don't think byerly was actually targeting princeton with his "finally" comment. as he knows and would surely argue, princeton hasn't recruited HBs and TE's hard <em>enough</em> in recent years.</p>

<p>At Princeton, Coach Tierney has always gotten preferential treatment from the admissions office, leaving the football team to beg for whatever slots are left over!</p>

<p>Probably this is the advent of the already cliched "brave new world" thing... a fairer competition, people being more realistic in terms of where they apply.. In my view, at this age, we are more likely to be influenced by what our parents have been saying and what the peers are saying about this college and that which provokes students to choose one college over the other.... often times the pressure is just too overwhelming... to get to the better college than john doe down the block.. It is really hard to look for a match,,, search what you like the most... umm I think its good the colleges are taking steps to ensuring this.. a level playing field... No more giving a shot to Harvard on EA...</p>