Alumni Interview Question

<p>My son received a letter stating he was eligible for a Villanova Scholarship and he would be contacted by an alumni by 1/22/12. He has not been contacted as of tonight. Anyone else having this issue? Should we contact Admissions?</p>

<p>I also received the letter, and have not been contacted either!</p>

<p>My son had not been contacted either so he sent an email to the person the original letter came from. She got back to him right away and she said she will look into it and if he's not contacted by Jan 29 she will assign him to another alumnus. Hope this helps. He sent the email last night and had a response early this morning before he left for school.</p>

<p>I also e-mailed the person in the Admissions Office whose name was on the letter and was told exactly the same thing. I guess there must be an issue with these alumni interviews. We'll wait and see if we hear by the 29th. So far this week we have heard nothing. </p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>Well it is 5:00 on 1/29/12 and we have yet to hear from the alumni interviewer assigned to us. I guess I will contact the woman in Admissions in the morning to let her know. I'm hoping she will step in at this point and reassign a new alumni to us. My son has already had his Yale alumni interview and he hasn't even been accepted there yet! </p>

<p>Hope those of you still waiting had more success than we did!!</p>

<p>Joann1965: My son is in the same situation - when he didn't get contacted by the original 1/22/12 date he emailed the office and they told him someone would notify him by today. Still hasn't heard anything.</p>

<p>I wonder if we are all in the same geographic area? We are in Fairfield County Connecticut. Just curious if this is a regional issue or not. </p>

<p>I'm hoping something happens this week - time is ticking for all of us!!</p>

<p>Our alum called on the 21st and sent an email the same day. We have our interview scheduled for the end of February in Maryland.</p>

<p>I just got off the phone with my interviewer! Really informal, just asked questions about why Nova and why my designated major. Does anybody know when we'll hear about whether or not we're awarded the University Scholarship?</p>

<p>Wildcat7, the whole financial aid/scholarship package will be sent by late march/early february.</p>