Alumni Interview

<p>Hi. I have an alumni interview. What type of questions should I expect and is receiving an interview a good sign?</p>

<p>Unless you're applying to AAP or Hotel, you don't have an interview, you have an information session with a local alumnus. It just means that there was a local alumnus who was available to meet with you, not that you have a better chance than others who haven't been contacted.</p>

<p>You should be able to answer one question: Why Cornell? And then come with a list of questions that you have. This is informational, but the alumnus will send a report back to admissions that s/he has met with you.</p>

<p>great, thanks!</p>

<p>Does anyone know what we should wear to this alumnus information session. The person who contacted me called it an interview. We are meeting at Starbucks, and I do not know how formal I have to dress.</p>

<p>Since it's a meeting at Starbucks, I'd probably choose to dress casual. Maybe a step-up from jeans.</p>

<p>And yes, they're called interviews, but information sessions is a more accurate description since there isn't any sort of procedure for evaluating you as a candidate, as there would be in an actual interview. All they do is write up a short paragraph to admissions (and they don't even necessarily do that). If they had a particularly good impression, they'll probably write that, though my guess is most write good things regardless, unless you actually make a bad impression. The only truly significant thing that can come from these is that if you forgot something in your application that's important, you can tell that to your interviewer and they'll relay that to admissions.</p>