alumni interview

<p>Who's had theirs? Mine's coming up in a few days, hopefully my app will be done by then (big problems if its not). What questions did the interviewer ask? Any specific advice (besides be yourself, don't worry)?</p>


<p>when they will contact you??
well every one get interveiw?</p>

<p>Everyone will get a chance for a interview with an alumni. Their job is too observe your personality and report it back to Penn.</p>

<p>A great interview is equal to 1.5 - 2 great reference letters, depending on your other areas.</p>

<p>And, yes they will email or phone (For Americans, phone = call in Canada) you.</p>

<p>any tips for the interview?</p>

<p>be yourself, have fun, and don't be late. that's what I'm adhering to for mine</p>

<p>Are the interviews evaluative?</p>

<p>needforspeed, where did you get that "1.5 to 2 recommendation" comparison from?</p>

<p>rubbernecking, from books, research, logic, and talking to my regional officer.</p>