Alumni Interview

<p>Has anyone had there's yet? What's it like? I know it's between 1/2-1hr, but how can you possibly talk for that long? Also, are the questions hard? Could you give me an example of a possible question? I would really appreciate it if someone could answer all/some of those questions. Thanks</p>

<p>i had mine last week. it was very relaxed and only lasted about 20 min. even though she had said that it might last for about half an hour to an hour. it really only lasts as long as you can come up with questions. she asked me things like, "what's the one thing you want cornell to know about you?" and "what makes you stand out...why should cornell buy you rather than someone else?" they'll ask those types of questions, but you should really think about what you want to ask because i was asked several times (especially when there were those few awkward silences) what i wanted to know about the school. the questions really aren't hard though if you've put some thought into why you want cornell. GOOD LUCK!</p>

<p>May I asked when you were contacted by an alumni as my D applied ED to Coll. of HE for Textile/Apparel and has only been contacted by a student so far. Thanks</p>

<p>thanks lax11!</p>

<p>Mommsy - i was contacted on sunday. It all depends when your son submitted his part 1 of the application and whether there are available alumni in your area.</p>

<p>My daughter sent her Part I in around the last week of Sept. and mailed the essay form & common app and her portfolio this past Friday (sent overnight express). It's a nail biting time for everyone. Wish you the best of luck on getting accepted!</p>

<p>i sent my part 1 to cornell around the last week in september. i was contacted about a week and a half ago by an alumni. she told me that we had to do the interview very soon because she had to file her report from the interview by Nov. 5 in order for it to be submitted in time for the ED review. i wouldn't worry too much about getting an alumni interview though, because she said she really can't say much to the school, as she's limited to how much she can submit. the main purpose is really for you to learn more about cornell, which is exactly how my "interview" (she told me to call it a meeting/chat) turned out.</p>