Alumni Interviews

<p>I just have a few random questions about the logistics of these since everyone I know had a student interview on-campus, but I was unable to make the trip to Chicago. How different are they from student-conducted interviews? Should I actually order a drink (mine is being held at a coffee shop)? My mom is coming along since it's in a more or less shady area of the city and I don't drive yet - would it be okay for her to stay in the cafe (and perhaps be introduced to my interviewer) or should I force her to leave? I'll probably think of more questions soon!</p>

<p>They will be very similar to the student-conducted interviews on campus. Feel free to order a drink; the interview is a casual conversation. Your mom is welcome to stay in the shop, but for the purposes of the interviewer getting to know you best it's likely a good idea to have your mom wait in a different portion of the cafe until you have finished.</p>

<p>Thank you!</p>