Alumni interviews

Is anyone on here an interviewer or former AO at HC and could describe whether interview is evaluative, informative and/or looking for demonstrated interest? D22 has a virtual interview tomorrow night. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I wish I had seen this before. my daughter had an interview back in December. She really enjoyed the interviewer. He was a recent grad who worked in admissions. I think it was all three - evaluative, informative and talked about interest. He definitely asked why she was interested and talked about what she liked about HC. He asked about her interests. I thought it was a great interview and super easy to navigate for my 18y old!
Hope it went well for your kiddo!

Exactly the same for my D, except that she was interviewed by her regional Admissions Officer. That was a really nice touch, and she thinks both of them came out with tremendous interest based on fit.

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