Alumni network & senior showcase

Just wondering if anyone knows how involved alumni are with the Theater program? I know at some schools, there is a great network of alumni that really look out for the kids coming out of their program. Also, does anyone know how “successful” the senior showcase typically is? I guess I’m just wondering what kind of “support” they might get after graduation. Thanks for any insight!

We have houseguests so I only have time for a quick response but will add more when time permits.

The short answer is that you will find the extremely active and supportive NU alumni mafia in every nook and cranny of the entertainment industry in virtually every city in the US and abroad. Few programs (if any) can match Northwestern’s long and proud tradition of successful grads. I’ll add more specifics and hope other Wildcats see this so they can add their experiences as well!

Here’s a list (not up to date or comprehensive) of a few notable alumni… scroll to find the Entertainment section…

@gigismom - I just tried sending you a pm so I could include some concrete examples of NU professional support from D’s past year. Let me know if you are able to get it (post here if you can’t yet respond via pm). But here’s a more generic post in case you can’t get the pm.

The NU Alumni organization is amazing, both in its formal incarnations (for example the The Northwestern University Entertainment Alliance (NUEA) East and West branches which regularly host events in both NYC and LA) and also in its breadth and depth of informal connections, which will pop up virtually every place in the entertainment world.

In the past year alone, I personally know of cases where NU connections came in to play at theatres on both coasts, numerous regional and international theatres and in film and TV, so the network is both wide and deep.

@MomCares - I think I am able to send messages (and responded to PM). Thanks SO much for all this information. It sounds like the alumni support is awesome!

Terrific! I should add that of course, as with any informal network, every individual builds a unique support system both during and after college, but I have been amazed to watch all of the unexpected places that the Purple Mafia can (and does) spring into action. :slight_smile: