Alumni Scholarship

<p>I'm from the northeast area (philadelphia) and i want to apply for a regional alumni scholarship but i'm not sure if this is possible. The two choices for northeast areas are washington dc (and metro area) and new york/new jersey/connecticut. Can I just pick one of these and if so which one? I got an email saying pick Washington Dc but it was just a standard one (nothing personal) about scholarships. Or can I not apply since I'm not specifically from one of those areas?
Sorry this is confusing</p>

<p>Good question. I suggest asking your parent(s) who went to USC and find out which alumni club they belong to. Also, there is an alumni club phone number to call when you look up USC alumni on the web site. Either your parent(s) local alumni or calling the USC alumni club phone number should have the answer if you want to inquire further.</p>

<p>You don't need to have a parent who is a USC alumna to apply for an alumni scholarship. That would be the Scions scholarship. My D applied and received an Alumni scholarship from the local club in our area and I did not go to USC. </p>

<p>Swoopes, I'm not sure about your case since you are not from one of those areas. However, you did get an email. If you can find phone #s, try calling. If not, I'd call USC to inquire. Last year my D filled out the application (which also included an essay) online through the USC website.
Try googling USC Alumni Scholarships to find the application and perhaps it will give more info on whether you are eligible.</p>