Alumni Take Home Journalism Awards For Public Service (news item)

<p>The</a> George Polk Awards for Journalism</p>

<p>“Brooklyn, N.Y. – Long Island University has announced the winners of the George Polk Awards for 2007, recognizing journalists in 14 categories for media coverage that exposed corporate and government misfeasance, revealed the industrial roots of environmental catastrophe and uncovered the abuse of vulnerable populations including children, the elderly and veterans. </p>


<p>The George Polk Awards, founded in 1949, are among the most distinguished and oldest awards for public service journalism in the U.S. and honor those who have used their positions to uncover abuses and right wrongs. This year there were 14 categories of awards. </p>

<p>Three Princetonians were honored:</p>

<p>“John McPhee, (Princeton Class of ‘53 and Princeton professor) the prolific author, essayist and Princeton University professor. McPhee, who turns 77 in March, has been a staff writer with The New Yorker since 1965 and is considered one of the pioneers of creative nonfiction. He has left an indelible mark on American journalism during his nearly half-century career.
John</a> McPhee Home Page</p>

<p>“Barton D. Gellman (Princeton Class of ’82) and Jo Becker (now at The New York Times) will share the George Polk Award for Political Reporting. Through four meticulously sourced articles…the team divulged Cheney’s role as the hidden architect of U.S. policies concerning torture, military tribunals and other controversial issues, including some that were later overturned as unconstitutional and/or repudiated by Congress.
Angler:</a> The Cheney Vice Presidency |</p>

<p>“Joshua Micah Marshall (Princeton Class of ‘91), editor and publisher of the widely read political blog, Talking Points Memo. His sites …led the news media in coverage of the politically motivated dismissals of United States attorneys across the country. Marshall’s tenacious investigative reporting sparked interest by the traditional news media and led to the resignation of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. Muckraker</a> | Talking Points Memo | U.S. Attorneys: March 2007</p>


<p>While Princeton doesn’t have a journalism major, a great many graduates have gone on to make careers in this field. Some of the recent Pulitzer Prize winners for journalism, arts and letters, have been Caroline Elkins (‘91) for general non-fiction (2006 Pulitzer), Robin Ghivan ’86 for criticism (2006 Pulitzer), Mark Stevens ’73 for biography (2005 Pulitzer), Annalyn Swann ’73 for biography (2005 Pulitzer), Robert Caro ’57 for biography (2003 Pulitzer), Clifford Levy ’89 for investigative journalism (2003 Pulitzer) and Bart Gellman ’82 for national reporting (2002 Pulitzer).</p>

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