Am I a child of faculty?

Hey everyone,

I’m wondering if I could get all your opinions on this. My father works at Harvard as an Associate Professor in the Medical school (he teaches classes). I know that sometimes children of faculty get an admissions boost, but I am wondering if this counts as one of those circumstances?


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Is he tenured or on tenure track (though this means something different in medical school than in other colleges)? If he is, then probably yes, unless they only consider children of faculty at Harvard College.

I would say yes. Let Harvard decide how much weight the want to give it.

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Thanks, appreciate it.

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Thank you, I’m grateful for the insight

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Is it a question on the application?

If so, I suspect the question isn’t “are you the child of faculty”, requiring you to determine this.

Go ahead and answer yes, put in your father’s name/title/etc. in and let them decide.

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What does your father say? Does he consider himself a faculty member?

Does he receive a paycheck? What is his title at the school? Is he an associate professor (faculty) or adjunct professor. Often the question is do you have a family member employed by x? Adjunct professors are not necessarily employees.

It is not a question on the application. He is associate not adjunct

Wow, if your father is a professor at Harvard, I would love to meet him!
I would love to do research in Biology at Harvard, and it would be great to know someone from such a great school.

If you are willing, please send me his contact information @

Thank you!