Am I a competitive Villanova applicant?

<p>I'm thinking of applying there in the fall next year</p>

<p>-White Female
-Class Rank: 1st/ 100
-GPA: 98.2 unweighted GPA, most difficult courseload in the school, too w/ 4 AP's my senior year (only offered senior year at my school)
-SAT: math-690, verbal-660, writing-620</p>

-4 time district qualifier & letterwinner for cross country (2 year team captain), member of division championship team
-3 time district qualifier for track, 4 time letterwinner, placed several times at league championships
-swim team my freshman year (district qualifier)
-joined the 1st year of indoor track club @ my school for grades 10,11,12 afterwards</p>

<p>EXTRACIRRICULAR CLUBS: (as of 11th grade)
Spanish Club (9,10,11) (very likely to be president next year)
Gifted Program (9,10,11)
Interact Club (9,10,11) (very likely to be officer next year)
Envirothon Team (9,10,11)
Swimming Scorekeeper (10,11)
SADD Club (9,11)
Math Competition Team (11)
Talent Search (10,11)
Nutrition Advisory Council (11,12)
Shop Club (10,11,12) (very likely to be officer next year)</p>

ACTION Youth Group (9,10,11)
Hospital Volunteer--- 100+ hours
Shadowed a Family Physician
Special Olympics Volunteer
Meals on Wheels Volunteer
Church lector
Relay for Life Team Captain (9,10,11)</p>

Schuylkill Chamber of Commere Youth Leadership Seminar (9)
Freshman Class Secretary
Sophomore Class Treasurer
Hugh O Brian Youth Leadership Ambassador
USAA National Mathematics Award winner
National Honor Society
Who's Who Among US HS Students</p>

(am planning on going to Cornell's Summer College if accepted) or National Youth Leadership Conference in Healthcare & Medicine to learn more about healthcare </p>

<p>I'm also retaking my SAT's in the spring, so hopefully, I'll raise my SATs</p>

<p>You are VERY competitve. Good Luck.</p>

<p>I hate when people do this. People with no lives post on here with incredible scores asking if they can get in mediocre to above average schools. To brag, I guess; I could be wrong, but damn...</p>

<p>is certainly not a mediocre school. I think it is way above average not even "just" above average. And, it is getting better (and harder to get into) every year. I dont think OP was a troll, but sometimes it seems that there are trolls out there.</p>

<p>yeah i dont think villanova is a ''mediocre'' school.
and i know a couple of poeple with strong college applications who got deferred from 'Nova.</p>

<p>So I wasn't posting it just to brag.</p>

<p>And Nova is becoming increasingly more selective each year.</p>

<p>On, their acceptance rate went from 51% a year ago, I suppose, to 44% currently (I'm pretty sure)</p>

<p>Its definitely becoming more competitive. </p>

<p>Thanks for the feedback :)</p>

<p>You're chances are great...sure you are in.</p>

<p>As for competitiveness, most schools appear to becoming more competitive becasue more kids are applying to more is expeected to stay that way through 2011 when the # of students entering college will drop demographically.</p>

<p>Yea, the competitiveness thing is crap. People are applying to 10 or 12 schools and really hoping to get in 1. Since a lot of people are doing this, colleges are getting more applications. The schools arent getting any bigger so the acceptance rates are going down. Now this 1st choice school just got harder to get into and its all the applicants fault. </p>

<p>I don't think you will be affected by this but i felt like ranting.</p>