Am I a good candidate for merit aid/Park Scholarship?

I am an in-state applicant applying to the NC State College of Engineering. My GPA is 3.9 UW / 4.3 W. However, my UW GPA is only 3.84 if you discount my PE, Art, and Band grades :neutral:. I have an upward trend with 2 B’s freshman year and 1 sophomore year in Biology, English Honors, and Math 3. This is with the most rigorous courseload available. My ACT is a 35 Superscored with an 11 writing.

I also have the Presidential Service Award (gold), a mobile app that I’ve developed and published, and lots of hours tutoring students in Math/Computer Science.

Does my GPA more or less preclude me from getting merit aid or the Park Scholarship?

Did you ever find any feedback?