Am I a good fit?

<p>Hello, world. I doubt anybody will read this seeing as there have not been posts within the last 30 days on this section of CC. I am extremely interested in applying to Bard@simons rock. I will try to write this without coming off as vain or narcissistic. I have no idea what Bard wants in a student but I would love to bypass the traditional college process and get a headstart on my life. I am going to be applying midwinter for the spring term (while i am a junior). </p>

<p>Me: I have been a curious & intelligent person since I was a child. I have always had a problem with authority, despite excelling in my academic studies. I am mathematically inclined, though not USAMO level. I enjoy learning about linux and windows system internals as well as unix programming using the c programming languages. I am also working my way through a book on 80x86 computer architecture and intel assembly language programming. I am in the top 5% of my high school class. However, these are all academic details. I was wondering if I would ** fit in ** at Simons Rock.</p>

<p>My personality: For Myers-Briggs enthusiasts, I am an INTP. I am also slightly obessive-compulsive. Socializing is interesting but I am more interested in academics. I have a wide variety of interests, such as playing the bass, piano, chess, etc. I love to read and am generally a seeker of knowledge for its own sake. I grow weary of most of my peers. My best friend, who is extremely intelligent, goes to a different school than I and I feel stifled by the fact that I cannot go 15 minutes without hearing about the latest crazy party that culminated in adolescent boys and girls puking all over each other. Maybe I have a slight hatred of the status quo. I would like to know if going to Simon's Rock would help me be around mature and intelligent people. That is what I really want in my life.</p>

<p>I would be going into the pre-engineering joint program (hopefully :P) with columbia. I hope to go into civil engineering, or some other form of engineering, and would like to earn my doctorate within 10 years. I guess that is all. Would i be a good fit?</p>

<p>You are a little vague. I suggest if you can visit the school and sit in for a class.</p>

<p>I know a number of students who have attended SR and you sound like a great fit. They are looking for students who show a level of maturity and ability to operate independently, which you seem to show. They understand that some very bright students lose interest in HS and therefore don't perform up to their potential, but they don't like students who have low GPA's either. </p>

<p>One other consideration- I don't believe they give merit awards for Spring admits, though I'm not sure about need-based FA.</p>

<p>Correction, they do offer merit scholarships for Spring, just not the AEP (their largest merit scholarship).</p>