Am I a URM?

If I am a black US citizen living in Canada, am I considered to be a URM?


Race, specifically URM, only matters if the applicant is a US citizen (which the OP is) or Permanent Resident.

What about black and asian @WeLoveLyman @skieurope

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IMO, colleges that consider URM in admissions (and not all do) are not going to parse levels of “blackness.” In these cases, swirled will have the same advantage as 100% (if there really is such a thing in this era of DNA analysis) African-American.

To be clear, there is not a box on the Common App that says “Check here if you are URM.” You answer the questions on race/ethnicity (or not since it’s optional) and the college will do with it what it will.

However, even for colleges that consider URM, AO’s are experienced enough to know that all URMs are not the same. A URM applicant that lives in Beverly Hills with 2 parents as physicians is not in the same bucket as a URM growing up with a single mother working 3 jobs and living in affordable housing in Bed-Sty.

I am sorry for hijacking @skieurope Thank you for letting me. Also, I don’t live in Beverly Hills with 2 parents as physicians. Instead, I live in a town house with 5 people and am below the poverty line. Again, thanks for the help friend.

Steadymaintain is this another test? You had applied previously and been accepted per your other posts so are you adjusting how you represent your ethnicity?

OP I think you got your answer good luck.

@NoCreativity That’s the same ethnicity I applied with. I am not enrolled anywhere. I hope to be soon

Thanks guys! I’ve lived in Canada for some time now and the difference in admissions (compared to the US) is pretty noticeable. Here it is really academically based (merit based, if you prefer). I know this is a touchy topic, so thanks for your honest answers.