Am I being realistic?

<p>3.5 GPA (3.3 freshman, 3.15 sophomore, 4.0 junior), 23% of somewhat competitive public high school in Ohio, 1370 SAT (I'm taking it once more), 31 ACT, pending SAT IIs, pretty good essay and recs, slightly above-average EC's (although I have what is probably a really unique experience in spending a semester abroad in Israel). Commended student on pSAT, and I had my scores sent to Brandeis and WUSTL (I could only pick two).</p>

<p>Schools, characterized into what I believe is a safety, reach, good match:
Ohio State (in-state) - Safety
Tulane (legacy) - Safety
Brandeis - Good Match
University of Rochester - Good Match
Emory - Good Match
WUSTL - Reach
Cornell - Reach
UMich (submitted app about 2 weeks ago) - Reach</p>

<p>Basically what I'm asking - am I being realistic about what's a safety, good match, reach, etc.? Any advice for other schools? I want a school that's good for humanities and have strong alumni networks (i.e. I can get a good job out of college), suburban or in the middle of a medium-sized city (like Rochester), or with large enough student bodies that venturing off campus isn't necessary. I don't mind a huge student body, but I do mind a tiny one - at least 3,000 undergrads is fine.</p>

<p>what school do you go to? I'm an ohioan also, and I was wondering just to see how well my school stacks up with yours since you say it's "somewhat competetive public", like mine</p>

<p>I think you've got it down pretty well, you seem to be really realistic, if your sat bumps up to 1400+ your chances get quite a bit better</p>

<p>The name of my high school is Copley High School. It's just outside of Akron.</p>

<p>Cornell is a huge reach for you buddy, nay a bu ke neng reach</p>

<p>emory? good match? man if you are right, i am SET</p>

<p>The list looks pretty realistic, although Cornell would be a reach.</p>

<p>Emory a good match and Umich a reach? odd.</p>