Am I being realistic?

<p>Hi, i just finished up junior year, and i was just wondering if i could get someone's perspective on the attainability of my college aspirations. Brown is my super-duper dream schools, above all else</p>

<p>Brown/Yale/UPenn/Princeton/Stanford/Dartmouth are my dream/reach schools
Tufts/Swarthmore/Georgetown/Duke i am really hoping to get into
if not, UCONN, hopefully honors program</p>

<p>I am the classic ap/honors student, first in my small-town class, and pretty much involved in everything. I have never had below an A-
Here are the ap classes I have taken thus far:</p>

<p>sophmore: biology (got an A+, scored a 5)
junior: ap lang, apush (took this as an independent study, will get ap credit if i score above a 3, which i definitely did)
senior(next year): ap chem, ap environmental, ap gov, ap spanish, ap lit </p>

<p>my ec list includes:
4 years of spring crew (3 varisty), 2 years of varsity cross country, 3 years of indoor track
4 years of: school newspaper, Interact Club(president next year), Peer Educators Club, Greener Impact(environmental club)
tutored 2 students yearlong in biology
member of the State Student Advisory Council on Education (applied to be student member of state board of ed, interviewed but rejected)
2 years National Honor Society
People to People Student Ambassador Trip
Closeup Washington DC Trip
Brown Summer Program
Yearlong volunteering at local waterfowl conservatory</p>

<p>Awards include:
Governor's Scholar
1st Place in a local writing competition
COLT Award
Bausch Lomb Science Award
Yale Book Award
English Award
and quite a few others</p>

<p>I worry however, about my SAT scores. my highest in each category (i have taken them twice) are:
CR: 760
M:640(i know, problem)

<p>oh, and i got an 800 on the bio SATII, and plan to take the US History and English next year</p>

<p>are my SAT scores going to take me out of the running for ivies? does anyone have any advice for what i can do to improve my chances?</p>