Am I being too sensitive to correction or maybe this field isn’t a good fit?

I’ve been here for 3 months, come next Monday. The job is in career services, the last job I was working in academic advising for two years. I just feel like I got correction often, I feel like my boss didn’t really give me props much for when I did do right. At this new job, it’s meant to be filled for two people but the other person left after two weeks. I really hate getting corrected, I try my best but feel like there’s always something I need to work on. My boss said nice things about me earlier this week & said that I’m doing well and continue to stay on pace. But I feel I am just getting more corrections as of recently. Like today she said ask this question the next time this scenario is brought to my attention and I did a presentation yesterday. She said at one point to slow down because the students weren’t listening when I was directing them to fill out paperwork. If I’m doing good, then why the corrections you know what I mean? Am I over worrying or am I bound to feel micromanaged again?

Edit: Yesterday she asked me to text someone too, I don’t know if that implies that I should’ve initiated contact without having her give me orders. I feel like the pressure is on now that I’ve been there 3 months, they’re expecting more now

Everyone is always able to improve at their jobs. My H has been working in his field for over 30 years now and performance review always have action items for improvement. Most of the time they are self identified but his boss always has suggestions too. If he didn’t, there would be a problem.

If you think you should be taking more initiative, do it. If you don’t want feedback on your performance, time to start your own company ; )

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