Am I being too sensitive to feedback from my coworker?

I am known to be reserved and anxious, I think it’s in my DNA. My job requires having presentations in front of large crowds, the dept is meant to be run my 2 people but the person I was hired alongside with quit early on. I’m in my fourth month, I work in higher ed (career services). Today we are presenting to the new batch of students, the person in FA was asking if I was ready to present. She’s played around with me before and told me that I would eventually not need flash cards. I was talking about my stage fright and when I told her I would eventually not need flash cards hopefully, she pretty much nodded in agreement and I don’t remember what she said. I think she agreed with me.

And I asked jokingly if I was that bad and she said last presentation my voice cracked and I seemed nervous. The presentation before the last one, she said I did good and I reminded her of her giving me that feedback. And she said when I did good I was making eye contact more but that last time I wasn’t as much. And she said yes that time I didn’t seem nervous. I playfully said that boss said I was doing fine now I’m concerned and she said the boss is trying to encourage character development.

I’m just so suspicious. Am I being too sensitive or is she just being direct? I really don’t have the energy to deal with potential drama.

It sounds as if that person’s feedback is very specific. So I think she truly wants to be helpful and real.

That doesn’t mean that you are necessarily ready to incorporate that feedback. It’s okay for you to first want to feel more at ease, before working on refining your public presenting.

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You’ve posted about this job and worrying about feedback multiple times. Have you looked into perhaps seeing a counselor to discuss your feelings in regards to feedback?

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This user has posted about this same topic twice before. Closed.