Am I biting more off than I can chew this semester?

<p>I took 17 units last semester and made it out with a 3.2 for that semester. I had Physics, Linear Algebra, French, and C Programming. Was just able to pull out of the 2.0 range and make a 3.0 overall GPA, finally.</p>

<p>This semester I am taking 19 units because, well, I don't think I have all that much of a choice. I am transferring and waiting to hear back from universities.</p>

<p>Physics 120: Electromagnetism (5 units, 7 hours a week) Part of major prep
Chemistry 120: General Chem 2 (5 units, 7 hours a week) Part of major prep
Art 130: Ceramics (3 units) Last class of humanities for GE
English 102: (3 units) Must take for transfer
Comm 101: (3 units) Must take for transfer</p>

<p>Now, I'm not artist, but I'm not really sure what would happen if I dropped Ceramics as a pre-planned class for transfer to a Cal State.</p>

<p>Hmm as long as you study I think thtis is doable. From what I here Electromagnetism is hard as hell, but Gen Chem isn't that bad. The only problem with the other classes is how much time they would take up. Maybe plan on skipping art a few times? haha just an idea hope this helps</p>