Am I competitive for Stanford?

I took my ACT and had a 24 English, 24 Math, and a 28 reading, and science 24(composite 25). I just received my SAT II subject test scores; writing(540), literature(490) and math level II(560). I’m a senior and just want to know if I have competitive scores for Stanford?

<p>in one word: no</p>

<p>granted, stanford does take some lower scores... but not THAT low. If you really want to get in, you need to SERIOUSLY study your arse off.</p>

<p>no sorry... not at all unless maybe u are black and hispanic and poor and paraplegic..... i'm sorry i kno that was offensive.... lol.... i have nothing against blacks and hispanics and poor and paraplegic they just have a better chance...</p>

<p>even if you are a urm, that's still super low, especially the SAT2's</p>

<p>i kno but come on.... if hes paraplegic...and poor.... stanford have some pity! ....</p>

<p>apply for turnip breeding as ur major or something..... then maybe .....</p>

<p>seriously though.... unless its a joke.... read some college statistical books!!!!! visit stanfords website...... 68 % of students have 700+ math, 65% have 700+ Verbal.... theres like 2-3% of people accepted with scores that low.... they probably majored in turnip breeding and are all paraplegic and poor....</p>

<p>youre in if your parents are multi-billionaires or if either of them happen to be the dean there.</p>

<p>Are you George Bush???</p>

<p>lol just kidding. unless there's some amazing thing about you (like you won a nobel or an Oscar or somethin), then NO! you have no chance.</p>

<p>You could always just send in your application, and hope that the person reading it, happens to mis-read it or something and accecpt you.</p>

<p>lol @ kinglin does that happen often?</p>

<p>This being my first time taking the tests, and getting ready for the SAT in Nov., I was just looking for professional, maybe adult, analysis. Thanks for being a part of the majority and being racist. Just looking for a yes or no, or trying to get an opinion from those in college.</p>

<p>Ask around your high school, and talk to your counselor. I think you'll find that schools like Stanford take none, one or two of the very top students from an average school. Is that where you fit in? </p>

<p>If not, join the crowd. Where does a student with your scores and GPA apply? Where are they accepted? Your counselor should be on top of this question. That is his or her job. Your job is to be openminded about any and all college suggestions, do your research, and come up with a list of perhaps 10 possible schools that you would be happy to attend. It's ok to have a dream school on the list, but the most difficult part of the process is finding schools that are a good match for you in terms of financial aid, size, location, strength in your anticipated major, and college culture.</p>

<p>One reason for the sarcastic responses to your question is that you've tried to skip over some of the basic steps in finding a college. As you can see, that didn't work too well, so do some serious looking around and come back when you have more questions.</p>

<p>great response, midwesterner-- you're absolutely right!</p>

<p>the colleges are racist....! so.... i guess race does matter doesn't it..... lol.... and for an adult opinion
No... good luck.</p>

<p>If the poster is serious, stop picking on her! Maybe she really goes to a school without counseling and has not had exposure. Nicole, read the Stanford info. What people are trying to say is that most CCers know that Stanford SAT scores for non big hook applicants are about 1500. Class rank should be very high and you need lots of APs with 5 scores. There are many fine colleges for people without those scores.</p>

<p>at the moment, i have to say no as well.</p>

<p>For literature, you might want to consider taking another test. I've heard it's pretty hard to get a good score on that one.</p>

<p>good luck.</p>

<p>You are competitive for the Stanford rejection list :)</p>