Am I considered a freshman or a transfer?

<p>I just graduated from high school this past summer. I completed my senior year of high school at my local community college, so I already have 18 transferable credits.
I am currently enrolled in community college, but I hope to transfer to a university in the spring.
On all of the admissions websites of the colleges I'm applying to, a transfer is described as someone that has college credits after graduating from high school. Technically I am a freshman in college, but incoming freshmen usually don't have college credits. And I do.
So I don't know what I should put I am on the application. Before calling the colleges and seeming like a dumb@ss, should I put that I'm a transfer, or a freshman on my application?</p>

<p>A freshmen. You’ll have a higher chance of getting in at most and access to better financial aid.</p>

<p>You are clearly a transfer because you are enrolled in community college full-time.</p>

<p>^^Both of the above answers are right OR wrong, depending on the college.</p>

<p>Remember, it is only your post-HS college courses that count. And it is usually the amount of post-HS coursework that you have taken when you enter as a transfer that counts, although I have seen a few schools that look at the number of units taken when you apply.</p>

<p>Some colleges consider you a transfer if you have completed 1 post-HS college course when you transfer (eg. GWU):</p>

<p>[Transfer</a> Admission - The George Washington University](<a href=“]Transfer”></p>

<p>while others still consider you a fr if you have completed less that a full year of post-HS college when you transfer (eg. Yale):</p>

<p>[Who</a> is Eligible to Transfer? | Transfer Students | Office of Undergraduate Admissions](<a href=“Home | Yale College Undergraduate Admissions”>Home | Yale College Undergraduate Admissions)</p>

<p>And other colleges may have different definitions of a transfer based on number of units. So, you have to go to each of the college websites and read their definition of a transfer applicant. There is no universal answer.</p>

<p>Also remember, some colleges don’t take spring transfers.</p>

<p>Whoops, I missed the currently enrolled. If it was just summer classes, I agree you could still be considered a freshmen. But you may well have to stop taking classes to maintain your status. This could be important depending on where you hope to go and whether you require aid.</p>