Am I considered to be California Community College Student?

<p>I know this may sound stupid but I came across a possible problem. When one applies to a UC with TAG one must meet the requirements such as getting 30 units of transferable credits done at a community college before the fall term. I however do not intend on doing tag and have 22 transferable units done at a community college (the reason being is I took some pass fail courses). Note: I have not been to any other colleges. So my question is am I still considered a community college student when I apply for transfer for fall of 2012 or is my application going to be considered to be part of the non-community college group of students?</p>

<p>Well with only 22 transferable units you will need to submit your HS gpa and will be considered a lower division transfer as CC student.</p>

<p>Check that the UC is accepting lower-division (less than 60 units) transfer students. I haven't heard of any UCs taking lower-division transfer students lately. Be sure you aren't reading old webpage information about the 30-unit TAGs.</p>

<p>In either case, if you have taken CC courses you are a CC transfer student (with or without TAG). There may be some exceptions if you took CC courses as part of your HS courses, though.</p>