Am I crazy for considering a linguistics major?

I’m considering cognitive science and linguistic majors (for when I apply to college).

However, when I was a freshman, I got a B in standard Latin. That went up to a B+ in sophomore year, but now I have an A/A- in Latin as a junior (standard Latin). I’ve been recommended to take AP Latin as a senior.

I have research interests in neurolinguistics and cognitive science (like I said above), but I’m worried that colleges are going to be hesitant over my previous Latin grades. Truth be told, I’m (at the moment) more interested in the cognitive and scientific aspect of linguistics than the translation and world language part. Am I crazy for considering a linguistics major?

Not at all.

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Thanks @collegebownd

Are there any schools you might recommend?

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Here are two rankings. The QS ranking is more research-related. MIT is really strong, with very interesting intersections with computer science (Prof. Noam Chomsky is arguably the most famous example).

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