Am I crazy?

<p>Hey, I just heard about this ring that will help you feel less stressed (I already am) <a href=""&gt;;/a> . Do you guys think that will really work? I know a lot of people use those magnetic bracelets and they "magically" feel better, but I'm skeptical...</p>

<p>Yes... Yes you are crazy. I'm 99% sure those things dont work.</p>

<p>I want some just for novelty, conversation piece...</p>

<p>At the beginning of my sister's pregnancy, she would have morning sickness. She would wear these lil stretchy bracelets that had a plastic ball on the inside of each. You would rest the ball again your pressure points on the underside of each wrist. According to her, they worked wonders. <em>shrugs</em> i guess it would hurt to try eh?</p>

<p>No kidding! Which bracelets were those silent_angel?</p>

<p>I wore those when driving long distances! It really prevented me from getting car sick!
I think the bracelets w/ the pressure point ball things really do work, but i'm not sure about the rings.</p>

<p>My mother in law has a magnetic mattress topper and she swears it helps her arthritus. My son, who is an athlete, who has also tried the magnets on occaission feels that they help. Don't recommend this though for dormies. You can screw up your laptop or your magnetic swipe cards by just sitting on such a bed!</p>

<p>im not sure what the name of the bracelets were but im sure if u searched them on the net or baby store ull find em</p>

<p>Note the referral ID in the link. I wonder if this guy is trying to get lots of click-throughs to up his referral count. :)</p>

<p>referral count? whats that?</p>

<p>those rings or any other kinds of magnetic bands that "transmit magnetic fields to allieve conditions" are all bs. these things "work" because of a thing called PLACEBO. the only reason you feel less stressed is because your body is worrying less now since you've purchased this ring (or have you? you shouldnT! it's a waste of money) having this product, your body automatically feels less stressed, regardless of the efficiency of this product. but works right? as long as it manages to fool you into thinking that it works, why not?
you should read "voodoo science" by robert park..there's all kinds of "new medicine" that cure all sorts of diseases...-_-...
but just remember..they're all placebos.</p>

<p>ooh, i just read lsa's post..yeah you're right, there is a referral count <em>"affiliates in the url"</em>..maybe he'll get one of those bracelets as a prize! ;)</p>