Am I destroyed?

<p>I got my mid-year report (I am a junior, by the way). My uw GPA dropped from 4.0 to 3.88 (5 Bs in APs courses), and my weighted GPA (+1.0 for each AP and honor courses) is 4.14 on a 5.0 scale. Will my terrible uw kill my chance? Does my w GPA look like I am not taking enough rigourous courses?</p>

<p> know a 3.88 UW is not bad, don't act like it is.</p>

<p>How is 5 B's equal to 3.88?</p>

<p>All is not lost. Just get mostly 5s (and no 3s) on the AP tests. Work your butt off to get 5s in the APs that correspond to your intended major. It would also help to get As in the second semester.</p>

<p>As a Junior, you have time and, therefore, hope</p>

<p>chochocho...he had an A average before so the Bs were averaged in witht those. The grade point average is not just on the Bs (that would be like a 3.0)</p>

<p>yes, i'm sorry but you are destroyed.</p>

<p>you just got pwn3d.</p>

<p>n00b .</p>

<p>your chances have gone down but as long as you manage above a 3.9 by the time you apply you will still have a good shot</p>

<p>your school weights honors classes...i wish mine did</p>

<p>Did anyone here without a 4.0 get into Stanford?</p>

<p>I had a low 3.8 and I got in EA.</p>

<p>If you manage to get A's second semester that will look good. But, yes, your chances have gone done. And no, your chances are not destroyed.</p>

<p>well, does moving to a new school (more academically rigorous) explain it?</p>

<p>Sure, just have your counselor make a note of it. </p>

<p>I had a lower GPA than you did and still got in EA. :) IIRC, the median unweighted GPA is a 3.8, so you're about average in the applicant pool.</p>

<p>The kids from my school that got in had on average lower scores than those rejected or deferred. One kid was a legacy with good EC's although average grades and good SAT's. One was an URM with normal scores and SAT's, and there is another that is nothing exceptional. One kid that was deferred is #2 in school (#1 is not going to a top school, weird kid) and high SAT's (NMF) but has like no EC's. Another Deferred has absymal GPA (for my elite prep school) and non-existent EC's. One girl that got rejected has almost as good grades as #2 and many more EC's. I don't understand Stanford but they are not solely numerically based and decisions are far from translucent. Do not fear the admissions office is crazy.</p>