Am I doing college classes right?

I’m a freshman in my first semester of college right now, and I am a little overwhelmed with understanding whether I’m taking the right classes. My academic advisor was not super helpful, so I had to kind of figure out my schedule by myself. For some context, I’m a pre-med neuroscience major with a decent amount of AP credits. I’m taking some core courses to get them out of the way, and I’m taking some major specific ones, like Chemistry, Psychology, and intro to neuroscience. My concern is that I’m not taking a math class this semester. I have AP credit from Calc BC, but I decided to wait until next semester to take math because my math credits from that class already complete my major requirements.

I wanted to know, is it ok if I’m not taking math every semester? I’ve heard different responses to this, and I don’t know what to believe. I’m not super worried about falling behind, because math is one of my stronger subjects and I’m good at reviewing. I’m more concerned if that’s going to cause problems for me in the future for when I’m applying to med school/taking other classes?

No, you don’t have to take math every semester.
You should have a sample curriculum to look at from your college that would show the requirements…here is a sample from TCNJ.

Your college should have something like that for neuroscience. If they don’t, then talk to your adviser or the head of the department on what a typical curriculum would be for neuroscience.

Also see if they have pre-med curriculums for various majors…e.g.

Your college’s website will have requirements for every major…look into that. I think if you are not a Engineering or Math major then Calc BC is about as far as you need to get.

The “math all the time” advice from HS doesn’t carry over to college. Each major should have a Plan of Study, as noted above.

You don’t mention your school, but these are a few samples, from Googling “neuroscience plan of study”. Add your school name to the query and see if you can find it.

Ohio State - - no Math until Sophomore year, which is Calculus 1, and none after that.

Illinois/Chicago - - no math beyond Calc 1

Hopkins - - Calc 1 first semester, for which you have credit, and Calc 2 second semester, where I assume you would join.

You might also give one more try with an academic advisor. That’s their role and while the current environment and start of semester can complicate things, they really should be answering these types of questions. After a couple of weeks of class, their workload may be a bit lighter.

Even better example for Ohio State is the Neuroscience for Pre-med:

But to your math question - although no math appears on that plan, the text above it says “ Math through the first semester of calculus (Math 1151) is required for a B.S. in neuroscience.”