Am i doing enough to get appointed into the Naval Academy?

I am in 10th grade

GPA (UW) 3.17
GPA (W) 3.25
Have not taken the SAT or ACT
Curently enrolled in 6 honors classes

I do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu outside of school and i am a champion and have two and a half years under my belt, i have also done a variety of sports but i found Jiu Jitsu is the one sport i fell in love with.

I am in NJROTC, I am the CO of the Drill team
I am known as “Iron Women” due to the perfect scores i have gotten this year and last year.

I do not do any Varisty sports or do any academic events (Like NHS or Beta club)

I want to do NHS or Beta and be in a varsity sport but nothing at my school pulls my interset so i dont know what to do and im scared im not doing enough.

So please help and give me any advice or feed back.

Please read any of my rote responses to any “Chance Me” post on this forum or the USNA forum. No one can chance anyone for a service academy due to the the complexities of the nomination process, and your focus should be on getting a nomination as you can’t get an appointment without one.

The academies value team sports over individual sports and about 95% of any incoming class comprises varsity team athletes, with a high percentage of team captains (leadership). Your sport indicates you are fit, but the academies want to see that you understand what it means to be part of and lead a team. Your NJROTC experience will show leadership, but you may also need to use that to indicate experience as a team member.

Also, USNA will want to see that you have taken the most rigorous curriculum available to you, and you will need to show strong grades in calculus, physics, and chemistry. The academies are primarily engineering schools and all mids are required to take calculus, chemistry, and physics regardless of what they major in. These are known as the “Killer” classes for a reason, and you need to be prepared for them, so make sure you do well in each of these subjects before you graduate.

Bottom line, do your best academically, up your physical fitness game, pursue leadership opportunities, and put forth your best application. That’s all you or any candidate can do.