Am I doing the right thing?

<p>I'm applying to a school that allows me to take either one of these tests: TOEFL, SAT I, and SAT II. I'm doing the TOEFL soon and I know I'm gonna ace it. But I didn't so well on the SAT I...I got 480 for the Math, 520 for the Critical Reading and 670 for the Writing. This weekend I have the chance of retaking the SAT I or doing subject tests. I've been practicing for the subject tests and I got 740 for Spanish and 660 for Biology. So, my question is...should I do the SAT I one again (if I report, which I don't have to, no way I wanna report those awful scores I had) or should I just send the TOEFL and two subject tests, in which I will do well? Please help me, I'm so confused...</p>


<p>The usual advice is to choose the exams that will give you the best scores. If this college will accept the TOEFL and the SAT II exams, and you are confident that you will do well on them, it is OK to skip the SAT.</p>