Am I Done For..?

<p>I haven't submitted my IDOC yet, and and applying for financial aid at 7 schools which require it. I will send it in ASAP, but was just wondering whether this would delay and/or affect my admissions decision, and whether the aid package result will be significantly delayed. </p>

<p>Any information would be helpful!</p>

<p>Deadlines are there for a reason. You need to contact each of those seven colleges. They will tell you the implications of your TARDY IDOC filing.</p>

<p>And yes…at some schools this CAN affect your financial aid. It can delay your award. It can put you at the BOTTOM of the queue to GET an award. It can reduce your award.</p>

<p>These deadlines have been on the college websites since the fall, at least.</p>

<p>Your financial aid documents do not affect admission, unless the school is need aware.</p>

<p>It depends on the policies of each of those colleges. At some schools, you miss the deadline, you no longer get certain guarantees to meet need, lose out on certain grants and are at the end of the line for anything that is limited. Some schools will guarantee to meet need as they define it for all students that get their things in on time, but if they don’t, then all bets are off. For some schools, it’s not so essential.</p>

<p>Some schools send the fin aid letters out with the acceptances, so if you don’t have all your things in with fin aid so that a package can be put together for you, your acceptance letter might be held. So yes, your being late could have a lot of implications. Get your things in NOW.</p>

<p>For some schools, funding may be limited. You really don’t want to be at the end of the line in that case unless you don’t care about financial aid.</p>

<p>Thanks for the advice, everyone! I mailed out the IDOC this morning and have apologized via email to the schools for the delay in sending in the documents.</p>