Am I doomed?

<p>Brief Synopsis: I attended a top 40 university at a state school majoring in Econ. I was dismissed two years ago because of poor grades -below 2.0 (around 1.8-1.9) (had a personal serious health issue and I have documents/letters from doctors/hospital notes). I have 176 credits (quarter system)</p>

<p>The problem is I really do not want to go back to that school. I didn't like the experience at all. </p>

<p>I'll be taking some CC classes very soon for a semester to prove that I'm ready to go back to school. Although, I'm worried because I've heard most schools will flat out reject me because of my credits. Are there ANY top 50 schools in the US that do not look at the number of credits you have taken? Also, when I do return to school, it will be as a non-traditional student because of my age.</p>