Am I Dreaming? Chances for Geneseo please.

<p>My Chances </p>

<p>Hey everyone,</p>

<p>I recently applied early decision to SUNY Geneseo and I would really like to read anyone's opinions, good or bad, on whether or not I have a chance of being accepted. Thanks to everyone who takes their time to read this:</p>

<p>SATs: 1300 w/ Math and CR combined
690 CR/610 Math/ 540 Writing</p>

<p>(The CR score is actually in the 99th percentile for my public school).</p>

<p>Class Rank: 39 out of 217</p>

<p>High School Average: 89.9 Unweighted/ 90.1 Weighted. </p>

<p>I'm really suffering the consequences of my freshmen and sophomore years. There were many family problems during that time, including my father recovering from cancer, losing his job, and my mother recovering from a heart condition. </p>

<p>However so far I have a 98.9 average and all Junior year my average was above 92.</p>

<p>On the positive side, after a lifetime of obesity, I lost 80 pounds in my Sophmore year that I have kept off. While I was always "involved", there's no doubt that my weight and my natural tendency to be shy affected my desire to fight for and accept "leadership roles". However, since I lost the weight, I have gone on to participate in an Athletic Training camp where I was the only female participant. I also won first chair in flute this year. My grades are now higher than they have ever been. </p>

<p>I submitted 6 teacher recommendations and an essay about my stuggles with obesity and the factors that motivated me to lose the weight. I discussed how my parents illnesses made me reflect on my own future, and how after I lost the weight, I was able to climb a tree for the first time in my life.</p>

<p>All four years of highschool I participated in Mixed Chorus, Concert Chorale, Concert Band, and Barbershop Group. Again, I am first chair for flute (now, never before, wouldn't fight for it), and the only tenor in Barbershop.</p>

<p>I joined Environmental Club this year and volunteered to wrap presents for Christmas for Kids. I was in the school musical for 2 years.</p>

<p>I did not have any real work experience or community service because of the home situation. When my parents were ill, we were hanging by a thread. My mom is self-employed, and if I had time to give, she felt that it was best spent assisting in with her business. She is an attorney with no staff and her clients are mostly poor and cannot afford an attorney. Kind of like the poor helping the poor!</p>

<p>One of my major concerns is that I only had 2 years of a foreign language. In my freshmen year I was taking Latin, but I transferred to a school that didn't offer it, and they wouldn't let me take Spanish so late in the year. I took Spanish for the next 2 years and earned a 100 on the Regents. This year, I could not take AP English if I chose to take Spanish 4. I explained this to Geneseo so hopefully they'll have mercy. </p>

<p>I've taken AP US History, AP English, Human Anatomy and Physiology...basically all the most rigorous courses I was capable of taking. </p>

<p>Geneseo is so selective nowadays though so I still have some serious doubts.</p>

<p>I think you have a pretty good shot at it. </p>

<p>You know, I thought that the only SUNY school that was selective was Stony Brook, but eh. </p>

<p>:P Either way I'm sure you'll end up in A college, even if it's not the college of your dreams.</p>

<p>The college of my dreams when I was younger was Yale! Haverford, Bates, Reed, and Grinnell would be great fits for my personality, but I have to be realistic. They are super expensive. I am not so sure that I'd end up at "A college" if I don't get into Geneseo! I visited and liked the school. I really do not want to be far from my family, but I need a small school, with good academics, and that is financially realistic (NY is in-state for me).</p>

<p>I also have applied to Binghampton and Juniata Early Action. I don't know that Juniata will be financially feasible. I really don't want to be at a big school, but if I don't make it into Geneseo, I will likely go to Binghampton before I would go to a smaller, academically inferior place. I won't hear from them until probably January. If I don't get accepted to Geneseo on 12/15, I will also likely apply to SUNY Buffalo, New Paltz, and maybe Plattsburgh or Potsdam.</p>