Am I eligible for the auto merit scholarships?

 For the Ole Miss automatic merit scholarships, is the cumulative GPA your weighted GPA? On my transcript it only shows my weighted GPA which is a 3.00 but it isn’t even labeled as weighted just “GPA.” Because of this, is it my cumulative? My GPA will also go up to a 3.1 after this semester and I haven’t sent in my application because I just want to make sure I’ll get the merit aid before sending it. Thank you :)

I can’t see your entire post, but it looks like you are asking about how the university calculates your GPA. I just perused their 2021-22 scholarship booklet. It doesn’t mention anything about core GPA vs cumulative. Their scholarship requirements consistently say “high school GPA,” which leads me to believe they are looking at what is reported on your transcript by your school. To my knowledge, Ole Miss does not recalculate your core GPA (like UGA or other schools). Their scholarship booklet encourages people to reach out with questions. The Special Programs and Scholarships Application deadline is January 5.