Am I eligible for the GMS?

My family makes about $65000. We have 4 in my family. My sister is 9 so I will be the only one going to college.

as long as you are pell grant eligible. Im pretty sure there are sites online that will help you estimate whether you are pell grant eligible.

^^^ As stated, if you’re eligible for the pell grant, you’re most likely eligible for GMS (unless there’s a caveat I missed).

One thing to note is that they might lean more towards applicants who exhibit financial need. Not to say that you don’t need any, but there will be many people from varying income levels applying.

Best of luck to you.

I’m a 2015 GMS. I’m not certain the degree of your financial need is considered, or simply your eligibility. From my cohort, it was the essays that seem to make the difference.