Am I first gen if..

<p>My Father attended U Wisconsin for a year and dropped out, my Mother attended junior college for a few classes. Neither earned a Associate's degree. I remember hearing that as long as neither parents had a degree I could classify myself as First Gen C/D?</p>

<p>Sorry to hijack your thread, but am I a first gen if my parents attended college in a different country (in my case, the Philippines) but I immigrated with them to the US and I will be the first to go into a US college?</p>

<p>@SDtash -- no you wouldn't be first gen to go to college</p>

<p>@lylest i would consider you one</p>

<p>@sdtash i wouldnt consider you one</p>

<p>I assume if your parents went to college and completed their degree anywhere (whether US, Phillipines, England, Europe or whereever), you aren't first generation.</p>

<p>sdtash, first gen means the first in your family to attend college, anywhere.</p>

<p>lylest, different colleges and programs have different definitions of first gen. So for some you are not first gen if your parents attended college at all, others consider you first gen if your parents never got a college degree.</p>

<p>You don't classify yourself as first gen, it is the school that decides whether or not you fit their definition of first gen. Take a look at the CA, nowhere is there a box that you check for first gen, instead you are asked where your parents attended college and what, if any, degree they received. So you would put down the name of the college(s) and put NA for degree received and the college will determine if they will consider you first gen.</p>

<p>Entomom, what about the case of an adopted child? Am I correct in assuming that this question would refer to the college attendance of the adoptive parent, NOT the birth parents?</p>

<p>First gen relates to the adoptive parents.</p>

<p>If the parents have graduated from college anywhere -- including outside of the U.S., the student isn't first generation college.</p>

<p>That would be my guess too, since an adopted child doesn't always know who their birth parents are. But it's just a guess, that could be a good question for an admissions person if you're taking a college visit, at a college fair, etc., or email them and ask.</p>

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