Am i getting in?

<p>what do u think my Chances are of Getting into UVA or UNC CH</p>

<p>GPA: 3.92UW/3.375W
SAT: 1260
Rank: 23/308</p>

Varsity Baseball
President of Habitat for Humanity portion of Sr. outreach club
Spanish Club 3 years
Band 2 years
Habitat for last four years aprox. 100 hrs service/yr</p>

<p>AP-Psychology, Chemistry, Governtment, US History..would have taken AP spanish IV and AP Calc AB BC, but scheduleing wouldnt allow it (they asked for that stuff on the app)</p>

<p>Have excellent recomendations...the only problem is my writting ability is well below par...i have perpetual writers block and have not been able to break it for the past few my essays have made no progress and im really worried im not going to be able to get it in early decision</p>

<p>If you're in-state, then you'll get in. You definately won't get into UVA out-of-state, and <em>probably</em> not out-of-state for UNC. Your SAT is pretty good, but not out-of-state public elite good. If you can get it up 100 points, then UVA (out of state) becomes possible, and UNC about 50-50. Make it 1450+, and you're probably in at both.</p>

<p>for my SAT it is a 1360*</p>

<p>and w/ UVA i have two uncles that were professors went on to become a father and another uncle went well as two of my cousins..i am a NC resident</p>

<p>The fact that you're a legacy (father, uncle doesn't count) at UVA could be pretty important. Ask your uncles for help gettig in too; mentioning them on your app won't do you much help, but having your uncles pester admissions WILL help. Since you're an NC resident and your SAT is a 1360, not 1260 - yes at UNC, and yes at UVA if you play your cards right.</p>

<p>consider urself in at chapel hill...virginia, u stand a pretty good chance, and it's definately worth a shot. </p>

<p>oh, and do u mean its a 4.375 for weighted? lol. i assume so...g'luck at virginia</p>

<p>no its above perfect when its not weighted lol</p>

<p>acctually yes wow i messed up there</p>

<p>update... my unweighted GPA is 4.375 lol thank you mekrob</p>

<p>does any body else have any thing to say?</p>

<p>lol...that first repsonse really came back to slap u in the face, huh? lol </p>

<p>u know what? i change my mind. if u can't get ur stats right, how r u gonna do well in college? lol jk we all do that sometimes...</p>

<p>yes it</p>

<p>hummm ok so idk im mad at SAT 2</p>